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Our investment philosophy at Full Spectrum Wealth is both universal and highly specific to each client's needs. We understand that the assets they entrust to us are precious and we handle them accordingly. As LPL Investment Advisor Representatives , we have a fiduciary responsibility to our advisory clients to act soley in their  best interest.

Our ultimate goal is to help clients set achievable financial goals that enhance their lives. Together we define milestones and monitor results, while minimizing risks and adapting plans as lives and conditions change.

Wealth accumulated without a specific target is all too often squandered. Wealth accumulated and invested with specific goals in mind is often preserved and enjoyed for many years.

Our strategy is to allocate wealth across a broad spectrum of asset classes designed to help diversify and to reduce the potential for volatility of returns. Portfolios are rebalanced based upon certain factors including, consensus economic and inflation forecasts, market valuations, US Treasury yields and changes in tax law.

Mindful of our philosophy, we aim to act in each client's best interests by:

  • Determining client needs for immediate and long range cash to fund life goals and aspirations.
  • Establishing a baseline resource report that lists all assets by classification and tax considerations. Can also incorporate assets not held by us or held elsewhere.
  • Recommending investment strategies that are designed to help work towards financial goals.
  • Implementing strategy with carefully selected investment products such as mutual funds, ETFs, individual stocks, structured products, alternative asset classes, and bonds.
  • Monitoring results and providing ongoing feedback in response to: changing conditions in the world, in the economy, and in our clients' personal and professional lives.

We encourage you to also coordinate and communicate with the rest of your professional advisors, such as your CPA, attorney, etc.

No investment product or strategy mentioned here, such as diversification, can assure success or protect against loss in periods of declining values.

Please click here to request more information about our investment management capabilities and to schedule an appointment to discuss and assess your wealth management needs.